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Texas Democratic Women of Hood County

Texas Democratic Women (TDW) was organized in 1987 as one response to the growing political interest expressed by mainstream women from across the state.  TDW promotes the increased political activity and influence of Democratic women in Texas politics and government. TDW provides numerous statewide training conferences and workshop opportunities.  In addition, the group serves as a communication network for existing Democratic women’s organizations like the Texas Democratic Women of Hood County.

The Texas Democratic Women of Hood County works to unite our wonderful diversity of devoted women behind one common goal – the support of our Party and the involvement of women in the political process. TDW Hood County is also active in our community by supporting service agencies assisting women and children, and provides several college scholarships to young women graduating from one of our high schools.

TDW Hood County meets once a month in person at Spring Creek BBQ Granbury. We have exciting guests, interesting and informative speakers, lunch, and a good time. We would love to have you join us. Please send us an email introducing yourself and we’ll add you to our contact list.

Stay up to date with the Texas Democratic Women of Hood County by joining our Facebook group.