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Our Federal Representatives

U.S. Congressman

Roger Williams (R)

U.S. Congressional District 25
Telephone #: 202-225-9896
Email address:

U.S. Senator

Ted Cruz (R)

Texas Senator
Telephone #: 202-224-5922

U.S. Senator

John Cornyn (R)

Texas Senator
Address: 517 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington DC 20510
Telephone #: 202-224-2934

Our State Representatives

Texas Senate

Brian Birdwell (R)

Senate District 22
Telephone #: 512-463-0122
Email address:

Texas House

Shelby Slawson (R)

House District 59
Telephone #: 512-463-0628
Email address:

Texas State Board of Education

Ms. Patricia Hardy (R)

SBOE Member District 11
Telephone #: 817-732-1786
Email address: